BJW Productions is excited to be producing Sue Townsend's THE SECRET DIARY OF ADRIAN MOLE AGE 13 3/4.
We are currently accepting auditions for the child characters of this show, a breakdown of which can be found below. All characters have a playing age of 13-14.
This is a professional production, and will require some time off school for rehearsals and performances. All casting decisions will be subject to a successful application for a council Child Performer license. There will be a small fee and expenses payments made to successful auditionees.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

All children are around 13 years old. Children slightly older or younger than this will be considered if have a playing age of around 13. Performers should be skilled in acting, singing and dancing. 

13 3/4. Our main character, we see events through his eyes. An awkward, hapless and spotty teenager. Adrian thinks he is an intellectual and he writes poetry. UNBROKEN VOICE.

Precocious and outspoken with firmly feminist and hard-left views. The new girl in Adrian’s class having just left private school.   Love interest to Adrian. Interested in seeing girls with strong tap ability. 

Adrian’s best friend. Cheeky, funny, a big personality that can work a stage and audience. UNBROKEN VOICE.

The menacing school bully. Feared by everyone, including Adrian. Some flexibility for unbroken or broken voice.